Water Fitness 

Water Exercise 

Water fitness classes are a great way to exercise by using the buoyancy and resitance of the water for a low impact workout! These classes incorporate light to moderate aerobic exercises in the shallow and/or deep end of the pool. Instructors lead you through workouts to improve endurance, strength, flexibility, and so much more!

Pool Schedule 

Check out our pool schedule for days and times for open swim, water fitness classes and descriptions of classes. Join us in the water!

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Tips and Preparation 

Are you new to water fitness? Make sure to arrive a little early so our staff can help you get started! The YMCA provides all water exercise equipment for classes. Be sure to come to class dressed ready to go! This includes proper swim attire, a towel, water bottle, and water shoes (optional).

Improves Cardiovascular Strength

Water fitness can have many health benefits. The added resistance of the water improves your overall blood circulation and reduces the strain on your heart. Regular exercise can reduce your risk for heart disease and overall heart health! 

Low Impact 

This type of exercise is specifically easy on the joints. The natural buoyancy of the water helps minimize impact, and allows you to move more freely without discomfort. If you suffer from arthritis, mobility issues, or degenerative medical conditions, water fitness classes are ideal for you!


Water fitness classes are a great way to get know other members while getting a workout in! Socializing also positively affects your mental health, overall mood, and reduces anxiety. Join a class today!

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