Water Safety

 Swimming Skills

 Advance Techniques

A elementary aged girl is in the pool getting a swim lesson

Swim Lessons

Swimming lessons are conducted in a safe and supportive environment, by certified instructors who prioritize water safety, skill development, and confidence-building. Lessons are divided into different levels or stages, starting from basic water introduction for beginners and advancing to more advanced techniques such as different swimming strokes, diving, and even potentially lifeguard training. The YMCA emphasizes not only the physical aspect of swimming but also the importance of water safety knowledge and awareness.

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Two lifeguards in red shirts stand and smile into the camera

Life Guard Certification

Lifeguard training is a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure the safety of swimmers and other individuals in aquatic environments. Lifeguards are responsible for preventing and responding to water-related emergencies, performing rescues, and administering first aid when needed.

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A young African American boy hangs out in the pool and rests on the pool edge, smiling

Safety Around Water 

Drowning poses a considerable risk for youth and adults, especially those from underserved populations. The statistics are sobering, but drowning deaths are preventable. At the Y, we believe everyone should have the chance to learn how to stay safe around water.

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